Steps In Removing Odors From Artificial Grass

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Picture a healthy green lawn: perfect for lounging, great for ball games and cookouts, a real asset to your home The best way to achieve a healthy green lawn is to get synthetic grass or artificial turf Artificial turf is a surface manufactured from synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass like the one from Thousand Oaks Artificial Lawn.

Although it's more expensive to install, synthetic grass can cut down on your water bill and reduce maintenance aside from you don't have to worry about maintaining your lawn mower. Synthetic grass is safe for children and animals and it can simply be washed off with a hose after applying soap to keep it clean. However, some synthetic grasses may hold the odor of dog urine or spills from foods and drinks. All these stains and odors can be removed by following these steps.

When you smell something in the synthetic grass hose it off every other day. Even if you don't smell any odor it's important to clean the grass everyday. Most synthetic grass has small air holes in the bottom made for easy cleaning, so when you hose off the grass, any urine or odor on the grass soaks through to the ground.

Use a cleaner or detergent to eliminate extra odor or choose cleaner with scent. When the smell of the synthetic grass becomes noticeable a strong spray of water will remove any nasty smells that have begun to emanate from it. You can also purchase scented sprays. If you choose to use the cleaner for your synthetic grass allow it to sit for a few minutes before you wash it away with water.

Get rid of a strong odor with a stronger cleaner or disinfectant. A bleaching solution can also be use If the previous steps is not effective in removing nasty odor. Make sure that you dilute the bleach with water in a spray bottle. Let the bleach stand for a few minutes after a light spray and then rinse with water. For cleaners that eliminate pet odors and for safey of the animals, you can check pet stores.

Ask the company like Thousand Oaks Synthetic Grass that installed the synthetic grass what they recommend for odor removal. They may have a special product just for this purpose which you can trust.

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